Wool, yarn and knitted product

About us

We are a small family business, at the moment employing six persons. Our passion for wool, quality and caring for the local natural resources is a great driver of our work. We started the business to increase the demand and prize of pigmented wool from the old Norwegian sheep breeds. Since the beginning, we experienced high demand for our products and services. One of our main activities is to process wool into products that the farmer sell in their farm shop. We also sell yarn and other products, in our factory outlet in Klæbu (near Trondheim) and online. Developing and disseminating knowledge about the different properties of wool and traditional crafts is also important to us.

International shipping

We are very humble and happy to know that we have international fans. Sharing knowledge about the beautiful wool from Norwegian sheep breeds to an international audience is a great honor for us! We offer international shipping on orders above NOK 2000. The prices in our web shop includes 25% Norwegian VAT, which will be subtracted from international orders. The buyer covers the shipping cost. For international orders, please contact [email protected]

Our production

Our facility accommodates the whole production line from the raw fleece to finished yarn, felt, rug yarn or carded wool. We have machines for smal scale wool processing, and our production demands a lot of manual labor by our skilled workers. We use few chemicals and strive to utilize as much of the wool as possible to lower production waste. We always seek to optimize our processes to make high quality products with low environmental impact

Services and products

One of our main activities is to process wool from farmers that sell yarn from their own sheep at the farm. The wool products are often a bi product for these farmers, meat and landscape maintenance being primary products.

We consider knowledge and skills of working with wool to be very important. In order to maintain and share knowledge, we offer courses in sorting and assessing the quality of wool, different steps of wool processing and traditional crafts.


We participate in several projects, both national and bilateral. Many of these projects have been focusing on how to utilize wool that is not suited for big industry. Other projects have focused on local value chains and utilizing local resources from sheep to shop. Sharing skills and knowledge and developing products suited for the available wool types is often components of projects where we contribute.